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Unit – 1

Chapter No. Chapter Name Link
1 Introduction to Banking system  Click to download
2 Banking Regulation Act 1949  Click to download
3 Negotiable instrument act 1881  Click to download
4  Banker & Customer Relations  click to download
5 Bank as Borrower
6 Employment of Funds
7 Guarantees, Advances secured by Collateral securities click to download
8 Innovative Banking  click to download


1 Structure of Money Click to download
2 Structure of Capital Markets Click to download
3 Role of Financial Institutions in Capital Formation click to download
4 Organisation Structure & Functions of Commercial banks  Click to download
5 Process of Multiple Credit Creation
6 Sources & Uses OF Bank Funds
7 Profitability of Banks
8 Issue of NPA’s & Capital Adequacy  click to download

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